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iConference 2025 Call for Papers

Carnegie Mellon University, The Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

iConference 2025 will be the 20th annual conference of the international iSchools organization. The virtual academic program will take place 11-14 March 2025 and the onsite academic program will take place 18-22 March 2025. The 2025 iConference theme will be “Living in an AI-gorithmic world” and the host of the conference will be Indiana University Bloomington (USA). All information scholars, researchers, and practitioners are encouraged to submit their research and participate in the conference. An iSchools affiliation is not required.

Call for Papers

With the theme "Living in an AI-gorithmic World,” iConference 2025 seeks to explore the potentially profound implications of living in a world increasingly influenced by algorithmic processes, such as generative artificial intelligence, machine learning, large language models (LLM), data analytics, and related technologies.

We invite researchers, practitioners, and thinkers to submit their papers, panels, and workshops proposals on this pivotal theme. Because so much of modern life is impacted by these technologies, we encourage scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders from across the intellectual landscape to join us in exploring the profound implications of living in an AI-gorithmic world. We solicit research and critical commentary that examines the multifaceted dimensions of algorithms and their role in contemporary life, to foster a deeper understanding of their benefits, challenges, and ethical implications.

We welcome empirical and theoretical submissions that investigate the ways in which cultural, political, organizational, economic and other social dynamics have been and are/will be altered by algorithmic processes. We are interested in papers that critically analyze the economic transformations brought about by AI, LLMs machine learning, and predictive analytics. Additionally, of interest is work that investigates the psychological and sociological dimensions of living under algorithmic influences, offering insights into how we can retain agency in an increasingly automated environment. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches that bridge the gap between technology, society, and human values — for example, address questions such as how can we design algorithmic processes that enhance human wellbeing and promote societal good? Papers that explore collaborations between technologists, ethicists, policymakers, and community stakeholders to create more inclusive and human-centric algorithmic systems are also welcomed.

Submission Deadlines

15 September 2024 for

20 October 2024 for

Decision Notification, Registration Opens: Mid November 2024

We encourage information scholars, researchers, and practitioners from all parts of the world to submit their research via the secure Conftool submission portal. All accepted papers and posters will be presented virtually. Accepted authors can request additionally a presentation slot in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Please note that at least one author per paper needs to register in the Early Bird Registration phase of the iConference. Detailed information can be found on the iConference 2025 website and in the Call for Papers (PDF).



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