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iSchools Research Grants

The iSchools organization maintains a research fund for the benefit of its members. Members of the iSchools may apply for these funds per the guidelines below. The grant application submission date is 15 December of each year. 

  • The applicant should have a teaching position at a member iSchool.

  • Innovative projects involving doctoral research or underrepresented regions are especially encouraged. Applications with external matching funds are a plus, but not a requirement.

As a general rule, the maximum duration of the funding will be one year. The amount of funding may vary from $1,000 - $5,000 USD depending on the nature of the project. Home office costs are not generally approved. The iSchools organization awards up to $20,000 USD each year.

Application Guidelines

  • Fill out the Grand Application Form.

  • Applications must include a CV and a timeline for the deliverables.

  • All application materials should ideally be combined and saved as a PDF.

  • The application should be sent via email to with the following subject line: Grant Proposal for [indicate year].

  • Those receiving the funds must present their results.

Deadline: 15 December of each year

Selection Process

Decisions about the grant are made by the iSchools chair, one of the regional chairs (in rotation), the treasurer, and ex officio the executive director (non-voting).

Judging criteria

  1. Does the proposal fit the criteria of the call?

  2. Is the proposal well written and well planned?

  3. To what extent does the proposal fulfill the iSchools vision and goals



Feel free to contact us anytime if you questions:

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