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Institutional Membership

The iSchools Organization maintains a global network of leaders and schools in the field of information science. We promote interdisciplinary and cross-continental collaboration amongst members.

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Access to iSchools Leaders Mailing Lists

iSchools heads and representatives get access to dedicated regional and leaders listservs.

Job Postings

All iSchools members can submit unlimited job ads, which will be promoted on the website and the iSchools channels.

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iSchools Database Entry

Members have their very own and dedicated database entries, featuring their school and key contacts.


iSchools Members receive discounts for events, workshops, and training sessions for their school.

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Promotion at iConferences

All members receive a free virtual booth for all upcoming iConfences including a free virtual iConference registration for a booth representative.


Receive featured stories and up to date news about events, initiatives, and projects regonally and globally.

Member iSchools can submit items to be featured in the newsletters, which are sent out to all members world-wide on a weekly basis.

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iSchools Grant Program

The iSchools organization maintains a research fund for the benefit of its member schools.

Grants with a total of up to $20,000 USD are awarded to successful applicants annually to support their research.

Dedicated Regional and Global Activities

Become an integral part of your regional activities, initiatives, and projects. Foster collaboration with member schools on a regional or global scale.

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