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The iSchools provide multiple resources that benefit the faculty, students and staff of our member schools.

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iSchools Research Grants

The iSchools organization maintains a research fund for the benefit of its members. Members of the iSchools may apply for these funds.

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Global Research Database

The i-4-G database is a searchable resource that will make research conducted at our members schools more visible, and also enable specialists worldwide to identify viable research partners within our member-network. 


Asia-Pacific iSchools Seminars, Lectures and Workshops

The Asia-Pacific iSchools and the AP Next Generation Committee (AP-iNext) organize academic seminars, lectures and workshops on essential topics towards a better information-driven world. This page provides videos of selected activities.

Presenting an Award

Doctoral Dissertation Award

The iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding work in the information field. Nominations are solicited from all members of the iSchools organization and judged by a selection committee drawn from leading international schools.

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iConference Proceedings

The Proceedings contain high quality iConference papers and are published in various venues, which partnered with the iSchools organization.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Student Exchange

The iSchools virtual exchange program enables students at participating iSchools in Europe to cross national boundaries, develop intercultural competence, and participate in programs specifically tailored for the online environment.

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The Discipline of Organizing

The Discipline of Organizing embodies a novel book design to enable its broad applicability. The 4th edition (2016) is freely accessible in three versions that differ in the amount of supplemental content.

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Free Virtual Booths at the iConference 

All member iSchools are eligible for a free Virtual Booth in the iConference Exhibition Hall. Virtual Booths are used to promote your school and showcase your programs and research. 

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