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iConference Booths

The iConference Exhibition Hall is a promotional space fostering interaction with conference attendees at Virtual Booths. Available around the clock throughout our conference, a Virtual Booth can be used to promote your school, organization or business among the hundreds of leading information scholars in attendance.

Virtual Booths

Virtual Features
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Features & Benefits

  • Members: You can promote your school and showcase programs and/or research.

  • Vendors: You can foster engagement and disseminate product information; you can even initiate sales (external fulfillment link required).


The booth design is entirely in your hands, for customized promotion and branding. The Exhibition Hall is open around the clock, for unrestricted access to our global attendees. Automatic time zone conversion helps you sync your booth schedule with attendees, no matter where they are. Creative Exhibition Hall promotions will be issued throughout the conference, helping drive traffic to your booth

Booth Configuration

When you sign up for a Virtual Booth, your designated contact will receive a login account and instruction on booth creation.

Exhibitors have full control over their Virtual Booths, and we offer a range of configurations to suit virtually any need. Booths come in a variety of “2D” and “3D” formats and can range from simple static displays up to fully interactive presentations staffed by “live” presenters. Many prefer a hybrid approach. It’s entirely up to you.

You also have access to the Booth Analytics Engine that measures traffic performance to your booth and booth elements in real time.

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Get Started Today!

To request your booth, send an email to with subject line iConference Virtual Booth.

Your email should clearly state whether you are an existing iSchools member, sponsor, or regular requester. Also include contact information for your designated contact, if it is someone other than yourself.

Physical Booths

Physical Feaures

Exhibition Hall

More information will be available soon.

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