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Virtual Student Exchange 

This iSchools virtual mobility program enables students at participating iSchools in Europe to cross national boundaries, develop intercultural competence, and participate in exciting programs specifically tailored for the online environment. Developed in response to the COVID pandemic, the program has the added benefit of eliminating the financial barriers of travel and local housing costs; students will pay no additional fees beyond their normal home-school tuition. The program complements the European Erasmus program, and credits will transfer seamlessly across participating schools.

We believe this program will help build a cadre of students who have studied together at multiple schools, thereby bringing a broad European perspective to information science. The virtual exchange program is currently intended for master’s-level students at the following participating iSchools.

Charles University
University College Dublin
University of Borås
Linnaeus University
Universität Regensburg
Image by Dan Dimmock
Current Exchange Courses

Students can use the link below to view exchange courses currently offered at each participating institution. More detail can also be found in the Addenda documents at the bottom of this page.

How to Take Part?

Students must be nominated by their home university to take part in this virtual mobility program. To get started, contact your home iSchool's International Office or equivalent, as listed below. 

Program Management

The academic coordinator of the European iSchools Virtual Student Exhange for 2021-2023 is Koraljka Golub of Linnaeus University. The coordinator role will rotate every three years. European iSchools interested in joining the program should contact the academic coordinator.

The full parameters of this program are outlined in the Multilateral Agreement of Virtual Student Mobility between European Chapter iSchools Members, with further local stipulations found in the following addenda:

Meet the Officers

Koraljka Golub

European Chair

Linnaeus University

Växjö, Sweden

Virtua Student Exchange Officer
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