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The Discipline of Organizing

First published in 2013, and named the ASIST information science “book of the year” in 2014, The Discipline of Organizing is widely used in the iSchools as a primary or supplemental text for courses in Information Organization, Knowledge Management, Digital Collections, Information Architecture, Information Systems Design, Data Science, and other related fields.

The Discipline of Organizing embodies a novel book design to enable its broad applicability. Starting with the idea that organizing is an important and ubiquitous challenge in our personal and professional lives, TDO unifies the diverse perspectives of library and information science, informatics and computer science, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, business, law, and other fields for concepts and methods that guide us in organizing. In particular, TDO’s content is organized with a core of transdisciplinary concepts with supplemental content (additional text, sidebars, endnotes, etc.) that is tagged by discipline.


The 4th edition (2016) of The Discipline of Organizing is freely downloadable here in three versions that differ in the amount of supplemental content. The “Professional” version contains everything, the “Informatics” version omits content tagged as “LIS”, “Museum”, or “Archives”, and “Core Concepts” omits all supplemental content.


Core Concepts Edition

Informatics Edition

Professional Edition

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