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Workshops & Panels

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The iConference is seeking proposals for Workshops & Panels that will engage our participants and augment the conference’s research content.

The parameters of this track are broad. We seek workshop proposals that may build a new research community, strengthen an existing research community, or further advance a particular field. We are open to panels, fishbowls, hackathons, and other events that invite commentary, are directly engaging, or seek participant input on ethical or policy issues. We can provide a space for learning, reflection, and relationship-building through virtual installations or exhibitions. We encourage proposers to think creatively.


Please note that iConference 2024 will have a virtual and a physical component, Workshops & Panels will be held physically on site in Changchun, China.

Participation must be open to all conference participants, with no additional fees. All organizers, speakers and participants are expected to purchase a conference registration to take part.

All accepted events will be held during iConference 2024 in Changchun, China; presentation instruction will be provided with acceptance notifications.

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Present, Publ & Award


All Workshops & Panels must adhere to the complete guidelines. Submissions that do not conform to the lengths defined are subject to desk rejection by the chairs. 

All posters must be original work, not published elsewhere.

All submissions will be made using the secure ConfTool submission system

Language: English

File type: PDF

Special Requirements: The iConference does not provide funding for Workshops & Panels. If your proposed event has technical or logistical requirements with budget ramifications, you must articulate them clearly for consideration by the chairs.


Title: Your event’s descriptive title

Type: i.e. workshop, panel, fishbowl, hackathon, etc.

Organizer(s): Names and affiliations of the organizers, in preferred order of appearance for the program schedule. We encourage the inclusion of organizers from multiple institutions. 

Abstract: An abstract of up to 150 words that can be included in our program schedule.

Description: Include an event description of up to 1,500 words (not including abstract). Event descriptions should address each of the following:

  • ​​Purpose and Intended Audience: Please state the audience to which your event is designed to appeal and the general themes that your workshop will address.

  • Proposed Format: Describe how your event will be organized and structured. The format is up to you. Possible activities include: Panel presentations; Group brainstorming of research issues and questions; Breakout discussions of specific topics or challenges; Collaborative deliberation of a particular case study or problem; Creation of a bibliography, research agenda, manifesto, or other product.

  • Engagement: Explain the strategies you will use to engage attendees. Note that if you plan to solicit abstracts, papers, or position statements in advance, you are expected to set up your own system or protocol for doing so (e.g., through a website, via email, etc.). 

  • Goals or Outcomes: State the goals and/or expected outcomes for your event. Also, include any plans to prepare a report, proceedings, wiki, or website to disseminate the results of your event.

  • Relevance to the iConference: Briefly state the focus of your proposal topic and note the importance, relevance, value, and/or interest to the iSchool community. Provide a brief explanation of how this event will appeal to the audience both with respect to content and format. If the event has been associated with the iConference in the past or is part of an ongoing series, please explain.

Duration: A typical iConference session runs 1.5 hours. Please indicate how many such sessions you expect your event to span. We consider the optimal duration to be one or two sessions, but longer events are possible. If requesting a longer event, include a draft schedule and justification for the extended time.


First Submission


Submission portal opens: May 22, 2023

Submission deadline: Oct. 20, 2023​

Decision notification date: mid Nov., 2023

All deadlines are in GMT-11 23:59.


Workshops & Panels

Ina Fourie

Ina Fourie

Workshops & Panels Chair

University of Pretoria

South Africa

Chengzhi Zhang

Chengzhi Zhang

Workshops & Panels Chair

Nanjing University of Science and Technology


Wonsik Shim

Wonsik Jeff Shim

Workshops & Panels Chair

Sungkyunkwan University

South Korea


Contact staff regarding iConference 2024 in general.

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