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Student Symposium

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The iConference Student Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduate and master’s students to present their research in a friendly setting of peers and invited senior researchers. Students will receive feedback on their work and they will have a chance to network with other conference participants and faculty members. Participants must apply and be accepted in order to take part.

We plan to offer a total of three Student Symposia, one for each of our three regions - Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas. We feel this regional approach will help us better target the needs of our student participants. All Student Symposia sessions will take place virtually.


During the iConference 2024, participation in the Student Symposia will be restricted to those students who have applied and been accepted; the colloquia will not be open to observers.

All undergraduate and master’s students are invited to submit applications to the Student Symposium. Affiliation with a member-iSchool is not required—applications from students of any educational institution will be considered. The session will consist of student presentations followed by discussions. All submission must be in English.

All Student Symposia sessions will take place virtually.

College Students
Present, Publ & Award


Application materials will be submitted as a single pdf document to our ConfTool submission site by Oct. 20, 2023. All materials must be in English, and include the following sections:

Section 1: A brief letter of application (250 words maximum) including name, education level, department, and specifics on your field of study and what excites you about it. In other words, why are you studying what you are studying.

Section 2: Make note of which region for which you are applying: Asia Pacific, Europe, or Americas. Note that students in Africa may apply for the European region.

Section 3: An abstract of up to 250 words to describe your planned presentation. In this outline, you will introduce the theme of your talk, contextualize the theme in relevant research and give details on your method, analysis and findings (if relevant). The presentation may be on completed research or research-in-progress.

Student contributions may be based on undergraduate and master's projects or similar. Students may also join forces and collaborate on a submission.


In order to promote extended interaction among conference attendees and students, those accepted for the Student Symposia will be expected to meet the following obligations after they have been accepted:

  • Register for the iConference during the early-bird period, and participate throughout the entire iConference.

  • Prepare a brief presentation to be made during the event.

  • Prepare questions you would like to ask of Student Symposium mentors, either formally in the panel or informally during the day.

More detail on participation will be provided in the acceptance notifications.


First Submission


Submission portal opens: May 22, 2023

Submission deadline: Oct. 20, 2023​

Decision notification date: mid Nov., 2023

All deadlines are in GMT-11 23:59.


Student Symposium Chairs

Hui Yan

Hui Yan

Student Symposium Chair

Asia Pacific

Renmin University of China


Romain Herault

Romain Herault

Student Symposium Chair

Europe & Africa

Linnaeus University



Elizabeth Eikey

Student Symposium Chair

North America

University of California

United Stated of America


Contact staff regarding iConference 2024 in general.

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