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The Sloane Lab Community Fellowship Round Two (extended)

University College London, Department of Information Studies

Application Deadline: September 11, 2023.

We are seeking to appoint Community Fellows (ten in total until summer 2024) to contribute to “The Sloane Lab: Looking back to build future shared collections”, led by University College London (UCL) in partnership with the Technische Universität Darmstadt, British Museum (BM) and Natural History Museum (NHM). The fellow will undertake creative, critical, practice and/or research-led projects with the Sloane Lab’s Knowledge Base and data, demonstrating the new forms of analysis and interpretation the project will unlock.

The fellowship comes with an award of £7,500. We welcome applications from outside as well as inside the United Kingdom. The tenure of the fellowship does not require residency in the UK. All fellowships will be hosted remotely online. Applications to the fellowship are particularly welcomed from Global Majority Individuals. This advertised role offers an exciting opportunity for individuals with an interest in contributing to the Sloane Lab, including but not limited to, digital humanists, artists, computer and data scientists and heritage practitioners (community or institution based). The Fellows will exemplify the research capacity unlocked by the Sloane Lab, engage with its Knowledge Base and data directly by undertaking creative, critical and/or research-led projects with collections as data. Research areas may include but are not limited to local and family history, object biography, critical heritage, Indigenous and devalued knowledge, or the transferability of the technology developed by the Sloane Lab.


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