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North American Region

The North American region include Canada and the United States, to which the iSchools Organization and the iSchool movement trace their roots. The region also spans countries in Central and South America.

North American Regional Sections

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Cocktail Hour

On most second Thursdays of the month, the NA iSchool heads meet in a virtual cocktail hour. There is usually no agenda, but we always welcome someone suggesting an item to discuss ahead of time. We use these meetings to share our experiences, problems, and initiatives.


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INFOcon is an annual graduate school fair showcasing opportunities in the information professions in the USA and Canada. The project launched in 2020 as The Power of Information and was rebranded INFOcon in 2021, which took place October 19th-21st with more than 550 attendees. 

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North American Executive Committee

Keith Marzullo
Keith Marzullo

North America Chair

University of Maryland

College Park, USA

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