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The Future of Information

The iSchools represent an international organisation of over 120 universities. A common interest in all aspects of research and teaching about information unites them.

The scope is deliberately broad and methodologically agnostic, with a strong reliance on the social and behavioural sciences, as well as computing, artificial intelligence, and linguistics.

iSchools topics include data science, human-computer interaction, information organisation and access, bibliometrics, and information integrity. Information scientists share a common perspective on the importance of how intelligent creatures and machines understand the universe.

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The iConference series is presented by the iSchools, a worldwide association of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field, and preparing students to meet the information challenges of the 21st Century.


Affiliation with the iSchools is not required—all information scholars, researchers and practitioners are welcome at the iConference.

Male Speaker

Keynote Speakers

Michael Seadle
Michael Seadle

iSchools Inc.

Executive Director

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Wei Lu
Wei Lu

Dean of School of Information Management

Wuhan University

Wuhan, China

Sadao Kurohashi
Sadao Kurohashi

Director General of National Institute of Informatics

Tokyo, Japan

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iSchools Regions

The iSchools Organization is a global consortium, with over 120 schools distributed on every inhabitable continent. iSchool leadership from each region meets regularly to discuss challenges and opportunities globally as well as topics common to their area. Regional approaches to education, research and other matters are described in the regional subpages. 

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Projects & Initiatives

iSchools Communities

The iSchools Organization maintains community groups chaired by our members. These groups frequently organize meetings, events, and get-togethers.


Everybody is welcome to join the community groups of their interests.


Women's Coalition

iSchools Research Grants

The iSchools organization maintains a research fund for the benefit of its members. Members of the iSchools may apply for these funds.


The grant application submission date is 15 December of each year. 

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