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Doctoral Students

The iSchools Doctoral Seminar Series is an ongoing forum in which PhD students can present and promote their research, and receive feedback from peers and more senior scholars. It also allows them to establish partnerships and collaborations across boundaries. PhD students at all stages of their academic career are welcome to listen or to present, regardless of location. Professors and experienced scholars are especially welcome to join in order to share their thoughts and to give feedback. 

Presenters are invited to structure their session as they like. The presentation does not need to be unique to the colloquium. It can be a rehearsal of a future conference presentation, or even preparation for the formal doctoral defense. Invite your supervisors and colleagues, bring your fellow PhD students, and let us make these sessions as dynamic and useful as possible.

A dedicated listserv and discord server are available to stay in touch. Contact Romain Herault to join the group.

Meet the Officers

Romain Herault

Doctoral Seminars Chair

Linnaeus University

Växjö, Sweden

Doctoral Seminars Officer
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