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Sloane Lab Community Fellowship

University College London - Department of Information Studies

University College London - Department of Information Studies

Application Deadline: February 09, 2024.

The Sloane Lab Community Fellowship (2 positions available) comes with an award of £7,500. We welcome applications from outside as well as inside the United Kingdom. The tenure of the fellowship does not require residency in the UK. All fellowships will be hosted remotely online. Applications to the fellowship are particularly welcomed from Global Majority Individuals. This advertised role offers an exciting opportunity for individuals with an interest in contributing to the Sloane Lab, including but not limited to, digital humanists, artists, computer and data scientists and heritage practitioners (community or institution based).

For this fellowship opportunity we are looking for individuals who will help us to understand the creative and research potential of the Sloane Lab digital platform and data (see Knowledge Base and Sloane collections and external resources) in the following areas:

  • Examples of how the Sloane Lab can help to shed light on the geographic spread, collectors and knowledge about objects in the Sloane collections (for instance objects originating from South Asia, East Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. Due to the expertise in the team supporting this round we welcome in particular proposals relating to South Asia).

  • The contested nature of museum collections, the role of digital tools in foregrounding overlooked or ignored and marginalised issues like imperialism, colonialism, slavery, loss, and destruction, that have shaped the UK’s national collections.

  • The potential of Sloane Lab digital tools for transferability to and enhancement of other collections.


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