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News Feature: I is for International. Paper Tracks in Chinese, Spanish & Portuguese

The iConference has twice offered a Chinese-language papers track, and iConference 2023 will continue that tradition, as well accepting papers in Spanish and Portuguese. The iSchools organization represents more than 120 information schools worldwide, and while English remains the primary language of its annual iConference, accepting research papers in these additional languages more fully reflects the international nature of the conference and organization.

This is just the latest step in the iSchools' ongoing commitment to globalism. 2012 marked the first time the iConference was held outside the U.S., and 2014 the first time it was held outside of North America. When Wuhan University hosted the iConference in 2017, a Chinese-language track was introduced and attracted almost 40 percent of all papers submitted that year.

Since then, iConference hosting has rotated regularly among the iSchools’ global regions. Meanwhile, the iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award competition began accepting dissertations in their original language. And when the iConference was again hosted by a Chinese School in 2021 (Renmin University of China), the Chinese papers track was reintroduced with similarly successful results.

Now, the iSchools expect to make the Chinese Papers Track a permanent addition to the iConference program. This means that every year, Chinese scholars will have the opportunity of submitting work to this track in their native language. The Spanish and Portuguese Papers Track may also become permanent in time, depending on author interest and the availability of reviewer resources.

Submissions to these tracks will be subject to double-blind review by reviewers fluent in each of their respective languages.

The addition of these tracks introduces logistical challenges, including the recruitment of a sufficient pool of qualified reviewers. The conference organizers are confident these can be addressed with the help of the global information community. See instructions below on volunteering to review.

Scholars are now invited to make submission to all iConference tracks per the submission guidelines on our website; papers and posters are due 1 September.


We invite scholars fluent in Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese to volunteer as reviewers. Email with subject line "volunteer reviewer". Include name, affiliation and language(s) in which you can review.


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