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iConference 2021

Diversity • Divergence • Dialogue

Renmin University of China

Mar. 17 - 31, 2021

iConference 2021

Total virtual participants: 520

Full Research Papers: 32 (acceptance rate 31%)
Short Research Papers: 59

Chinese Research Papers: 13

Posters: 48
Workshops: 6
Sessions for Interaction and Engagement: 3

Virtual Interactive Sessions: 6

Archival Education submissions: 5

Doctoral Colloquium Participants accepted*: 17

Early Career Colloquium Participants accepted*: 26
Undergraduate Symposium Participants accepted*: 23
*not all accepted participants chose to take part

Image by Christian Holzinger

Conference Chairs: Yuenan Liu, Renmin University of China; Bin Zhang, Renmin University of China

Honorary Conference Co-Chair: Sam Oh, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Local Arrangements Chairs: Jian (Jenny) Wang, Renmin University of China; Minghui Qian, Renmin University of China

Program Chairs: Hui Yan, Renmin University of China; Samuel Kai-Wah Chu, The University of Hong Kong

Full Research Papers Chairs: Daqing He, University of Pittsburgh; Maria Gäde, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Short Research Papers Chairs: Toine Bogers, Aalborg University; Dan Wu, Wuhan University

Chinese Research Papers Chairs: Xiaobin Lu, Renmin University of China; Qinghua Zhu, Nanjing University; Zhiying (Ellen) Lian, Shanghai University; Gang Li, Wuhan University

Posters Chairs: Atsuyuki Morishima, University of Tsukuba; Leif Azzopardi, University of Strathclyde

Workshops Chairs: Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao, Nanjing University of Science and Technology; Jiqun Liu, University of Oklahoma

Sessions for Interaction and Engagement Chairs: Ming Ren, Renmin University of China; Pengyi Zhang, Peking University

Virtual Interactive Sessions Chairs: António Lucas Soares, University of Porto; Chern Li Liew, Victoria University of Wellington

Archival Education Chairs: Jian (Jenny) Wang, Renmin University of China; Patricia Whatley, University of Dundee

Doctoral Colloquium Chairs: Xiaomi An, Renmin University of China; Ann Gillilandm, University of California Lost Angeles

Early Career Colloquium Chairs: Mega Subramanian, University of Maryland; Sohaimi Zakaria, Universiti Teknologi, MARA

Student Symposium Chairs: Ian Ruthven, University of Strathclyde; Yuelin Li, Nankai University; Yao Zhang, Nankai University

iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award Chairs: Udo Kruschwitz, Universität Regensburg; George Buchanan, University of Melbourne

Program Committee

The Organizing Committee was responsible for the program.

Image by Jason Leung
Sponsors & Partners

Renmin University of CHina, Elsevier, Springer, Wuhan University, National Science Foundation, HEADT Centre, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, iCHair, Conftool, alise, asis&t


iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award
This award recognizes the most outstanding dissertation of the preceding year. Each member iSchool was invited to submit one dissertation for blind review by an international jury made up of iSchools leadership and faculty. The winner received $2,500 U.S., the runner up $1,000 U.S.

Jessica Pater, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Interactive Computing
Digital Self-Harm: Implications of Eating Disordered Behaviors Online

Souvick ‘Vic’ Ghosh, Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information
Exploring Intelligent Functionalities of Spoken Conversational Search Systems

Lee Dirks Award for Best Paper
Sponsored in 2021 by Springer Nature and the iSchools, the Lee Dirks Award is presented to the author(s) of the conference’s most outstanding full research paper. The 2021 award included a prize of $1,000 U.S. This award honors the memory of Lee Dirks of Microsoft Research, long-time friend and supporter of the iConference.

Title: Data and Privacy in a Quasi-Public Space: Disney World as a Smart City (#357)
Authors: Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo, University of Illinois; Yan Shvartzshnaider, New York University

2021 RUNNERS UP (alphabetical by title):
Title: How Asian Women’s Intersecting Identities Impact Experiences in Introductory Computing Courses (#382)
Authors: Mina Tari, University of Washington; Vivian Hua, University of Washington; Lauren Ng, University of Washington; Hala Annabi, University of Washington
Title: Immersive Stories for Health Information: Design Considerations from Binge Drinking in VR (#328)
Authors: Douglas Zytko, Oakland University; Zexin Ma, Oakland University; Jacob Gleason, Oakland University; Nathaniel Lundquist, Oakland University; Medina Taylor, Oakland University
Title: A Knowledge Representation Model for Studying Knowledge Creation, Usage, and Evolution (#215)
Authors: Zhentao Liang, Wuhan University; Fei Liu, Wuhan University; Jin Mao, Wuhan University; Kun Lu, University of Oklahoma
Title: Multidisciplinary Blockchain Pedagogy and Design: A Case Study in Moving from Theory to Pedagogy to Practice (#398)
Authors: Chelsea Kathleen Palmer, University of British Columbia; Christopher Rowell, University of British Columbia; Victoria L. Lemieux, University of British Columbia

Best Short Research Paper
Title: Something New Versus Tried and True: Ensuring ‘Innovative’ AI Is ‘Good’ AI (#335)
Authors: Stephen C. Slota, University of Texas at Austin; Kenneth R. Fleischmann, University of Texas at Austin; Sherri R. Greenberg, University of Texas at Austin; Nitin Verma, University of Texas at Austin; Brenna Cummings, University of Texas at Austin; Lan Li, University of Texas at Austin; Chris Shenefiel, Cisco Systems

2021 RUNNERS UP, alphabetical by title
Title: Case study on COVID-19 and archivists’ information work (#291)
Authors: Deborah A. Garwood, Drexel University; Alex H. Poole, Drexel University
Title: Creating Farmer Worker Records for Facilitating the Provision of Government Services: A Case from Sichuan Province, China (#315)
Authors: Linqing Ma, Renmin University of China; Ruohua Han, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Title: Development and Evaluation of a Digital Museum of a National Intangible Cultural Heritage from China (#400)
Authors: Xiao Hu, University of Hong Kong; Jeremy Tzi-Dong Ng, University of Hong Kong; Ruilun Liu, University of Hong Kong
Title: Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Library and Information Science through Community-Based Learning (#444)
Author: Alex Poole, Drexel University

Best Poster:
Persuasion Strategies in Misinformation-containing Weibo Posts (#536)
Authors: Sijing Chen, Wuhan University; Lu Xiao, Syracuse University; Jin Mao, Wuhan University

Linguistic features and consumer credibility judgment of online health information (#640)
Authors: Jiaying Liu, Peking University; Shijie Song, Nanjing University; Yan Zhang, University of Texas at Austin
Perspectives of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Viewers on Live-TV Caption Quality (#638)
Authors: Akhter Al Amin, Rochester Institute of Technology; Matt Huenerfauth, Rochester Institute of Technology
Sustainability by design: Toward community-centered strategies for durable digital collections (#581)
Authors: Courtnie Thurston, University of Maryland, College Park; Katrina Fenlon, University of Maryland, College Park
Writing Security: A Curriculum Intervention for Computer Security Ethics (#483)
Authors: Justin Petelka, University of Washington; Katie Shilton, University of Maryland; Megan Finn, University of Washington

Best Chinese Research Paper
大数据治理规则构成要素框架构想 (A components framework conception for big data governance rules, #513)
Authors: Jie Huang and Xiaomi An, Renmin University of China

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