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Discovery or Disruption? Debating the Effect of AI on the Information Professions

Generative AI is a Math Problem. Left Unchecked, It Could Be a Real Problem.

The iFederation@ASIS&T AM23

Many industries are examining how the introduction of AI technologies is changing their landscapes. The information professions are at the unique juncture of having had a hand in developing these technologies and having the foresight to see what these technologies mean for the future of the information profession. Join us for an informative and entertaining session that will explore these issues in a debate format. Our panel of innovative AI thought leaders will provide insights into the critical questions, arguments and implications exploring whether AI is a tool of discovery or an instrument of disruption.

Key questions in the debate include: Does AI affect information integrity? Is AI so dangerous to the information professions and research that it must be legislated? Is AI so beneficial to discovery in the information professions and research that it should be unfettered?

The session is moderated by Dr. Chirag Shah. This iFederation@ASIS&T AM 2023 session will be held on October 23, 2023 (10:00 am Eastern (find your time here). The 90-minute virtual discussion. is open to all members of ALISE, ASIS&T, or iSchools.



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