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The Department of Information Science is an academic unit of the Faculty of Communication and Language that has a teaching community of high academic quality. Its orientation seeks the development of research, teaching, continuing education, and the teaching services it provides to the Information Science, Library Science Career, to the postgraduate courses of the faculty and to other programs of the University. Also, the advice and consultancies offered to public and private institutions, attended by an interdisciplinary work team.
The Department, since 1985, has worked on the development of Information Science because of further evolution of the disciplines that study information and documents. This evolution that is perceived from the consideration of Information as a practical or empirical problem, represented in the management of supports, the transfer of information, the refinement of instruments for the efficient retrieval of information in the Bibliography, Library Science and Documentation, to a vision of information as part of the problem of development and construction of knowledge in the different areas of knowledge.
The Department of Information Science is a unit where the processes of acquisition, organization, preservation, conservation, increase and availability of recorded human knowledge are investigated, evaluated, and developed. Likewise, it reflects on the incidence of emerging technologies and information flows in the oscillating and cultural environment.

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Diana Lucio Arias

Diana Lucio Arias

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Diana Lucio Arias

Diana Lucio Arias