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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), located in Pittsburgh, is a global research university, renowned worldwide as a center of innovation and excellence in technology and the creative arts. CMU’s Heinz College is a graduate school unlike any other, designed to solve complex problems at the intersection of people, policy, and technology. Heinz College is the top data analytics education program in the world, with expertise across diverse fields from public policy, smart cities, and cybersecurity, to health care, entertainment, and the arts. The unique co-location of our two schools, the School of Public Policy and Management and the School of Information Systems and Management, offers opportunities for collaboration that simply cannot be duplicated elsewhere. We also offer two groundbreaking Joint Degree Programs with the CMU College of Fine Arts. Our faculty and students know that exciting things happen when disciplines collide, when differing perspectives come into contact with one another. Data is everywhere. At Heinz College, our faculty, students, and alumni use data analytics and advanced technologies to study and solve societal scale problems. We work to enhance the public good by tackling critical problems such as: Blocking the financing of terrorism and human trafficking; predicting societal impacts of legal cannabis; combating the opioid crisis through smart countermeasures; innovating in transportation to help lower income citizens connect to jobs; protecting critical IT networks from cyber intrusion; reducing homicide rates using machine learning; thwarting piracy of digital media; mapping the safest routes to school for children in high crime areas; eradicating food waste and hunger with mobile technology, and much more. Technology for driving business value. These days, it’s not enough to simply know how technology works. Creating real value from technology requires a thorough understanding of interactions with business processes and organizational culture. Our School of Information Systems and Management curriculum stands alone because we integrate these disciplines into a coherent program of study. There’s a reason our graduates command extraordinary salaries. Businesses need translators. People with both deep technology skills and the savvy to lead the change that technology offers. Our degree programs train students to think, create, and translate.

Master's Programs

Master of Information Systems Management (MISM)

Master of Information Systems Management with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Concentration (MISM-BIDA)

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management with Data Analytics Concentration (MSPPM-DA)

Master of Science in Health Care Analytics (MSHCA)

Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management (MSISPM)

PhD Programs

Ph.D. Program in Information Systems and Management

Content Areas

Business Intelligence,Data Science,Data Visualization,Digital Initiatives, Integration, and Management,Health Informatics,Information Architecture,Information Ethics & Values,Information Architecture,Information Ethics & Values,Information Management,Information Security,Information Systems and Technology,Leadership, Management, and Administration,Technology & Social Change

Additional Content Areas

Data Science for the Greater Good

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