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iConference 2024 Paper Awards Finalists Announcement

Carnegie Mellon University, The Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

The organizers of iConference 2024 are pleased to announce the finalists for this year’s Best Papers Awards. Five finalists in each category have been selected representing the most outstanding of the many submissions received.

This year’s finalists demonstrate breadth of quality information research being conducted at iSchools and other institutions worldwide. The work of these finalists will be presented along with all other accepted submissions at iConference 2024 - Wisdom, Well-being, Win-win - our 19th iConference in the annual series taking place hybrid:

  • online with the Virtual Academic Program (April 15 - 18, 2024) and

  • onsite with Academic Program in Changchun, China (April 22 - 26, 2024).

The iConference 2024 is hosted by Jilin University, China, and University of Tsukuba, Japan. The Award winners will be announced at the iConference 2024 Keynote April 15, 2024.

Best Full Research Paper Award Finalists (1.000 USD)

ID 132 "If I Like BLANK, What Else Will I Like?”: Analyzing a Human Recommendation Community on Reddit by T. B. M. Cao and T. Bogers

ID 353 Towards a Better Understanding of Cyber Awareness Amongst Migrant Communities in Australia by M. Anwar, M. Saha, G. Oliver, M. Ibrahim and C. Rudolph

ID 376 To Impress an Algorithm: Minoritized Applicants' Perception of Fairness in AI Hiring Systems by A. Girona and L. Yarger

ID 403 Community Members' Perspective on Public Libraries as Places to Overcome Social Divisions: A Case Study in Oslo by T. Igarashi, J. Johnston and M. Koizumi

ID 415 What Motivates You to Use VR Exergames to Substitute for Real Sports? An Empirical Study Based on Technology Readiness and Technology Acceptance Model by H. Sun and Q. Ke

Best Short Research Paper Award Finalists (500 USD)

ID 127 “Words Are Not Just Words; They Carry Experiences Within Them”: Navigating Personal Information Management in Multilingual Contexts by L. Alon and M. Krtalić

ID 133 AIGC-Enabled Interdisciplinary Science Measurement by J. Liu, X. Wang, D. Wang, L. Pei

ID 181 Investigation of Chinese authors for English Predatory journals by Q. Tan, X. Yuan and Z. Li

ID 346 Data Curation Competencies, Skill sets, and Tools Analysis by A. Murillo, A. Yoon, M. Duncan and A. Thomas-Fennelly

ID 434 A problematic dichotomy in the perspective of field theory: hermeneutics and quantitative analysis in distant reading by M. Chen

Best Chinese Research Paper Award Finalists (1.000 USD)

ID 153 Research on Early Identification of Emerging Topics Based on the Three-Dimensional Framework for Weak Signals by J. Mao, M. Ma, G. Li and S. Xiang

ID 258 用户信息素养与谣言验证意愿:基于动态视角的组态效应研究 by 校亮 沈, 忧 吴 and 永强 孙

ID 467 “能”与“势”:生态学与物理学交叉视角下的跨学科知识交流动力模型研究 by Z. Peng, G. Ye, S. Li and L. Xia

ID 565 Research on Academic Knowledge Mapping Construction Program for Evaluating Academic Achievements in China under the Perspective of Full Evaluation by Z. R. Wang, S. H. Deng, X. Y. Song, W. X. Yang and H. Wang

ID 658 Personalized Recommendation Rationality on Content Platforms: Construct and Effect by G. Li and M. Wang

The Best Poster Award finalists will be announced soon.



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