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Assistant or Associate Professor

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Information School

Application Deadline: November 15, 2022

Up to three tenure-track positions in information sciences.

At least one hire will be focused on the following area:

Human factors of cybersecurity and privacy e.g.

  • Security and privacy usability

  • Security and privacy by design

  • Security of artificial intelligence systems

  • Human factors of data and information security

  • Cybersecurity policy

Applications are also invited in the following areas:

Natural language processing and information retrieval e.g.

  • Applied natural language processing

  • Text analysis

  • Text and multimedia retrieval

  • Recommendation systems

  • Conversational systems

Machine learning and artificial intelligence e.g.:

  • Explainable machine learning and AI

  • Algorithmic biases and fairness

  • Human-AI interaction

  • Ethical/social AI

Computational social sciences e.g.:

  • Analytics and modeling of political behavior

  • Computational analysis of social networks

  • Algorithms and social media analytics

  • Social simulation of organizational behavior

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