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University of Pittsburgh

School of Computing and Information

University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh

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Today’s complex challenges demand a new level of integrative thinking between computer scientists, information scientists, social scientists and domain experts.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information prepares professionals and leaders for the accelerated world of next-level collaboration, next-level inquiry, next-level insights, and next-level solutions in all human pursuits—in health, education, urbanization, technology, climate and globalization.

We are unleashing powerful discoveries in Computational Medicine, Computational Education, Computational Urbanism, and Computational Humanities. Our purpose is to support discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship driven by data and technology.

Vision: To create technology and expertise that enables evidence-based modeling and decision making in the context of interacting natural, social and engineered systems.

Mission: To make the world a better place through interdisciplinary education and the science of interacting systems.

iSchool Contacts

Bruce Childers

Bruce Childers

Head of School

Computer Architecture

Bruce Childers

Bruce Childers

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