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University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Department of Information Systems

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

United States of America

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The Department of Information Systems is part of The College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) at UMBC. We currently offer a variety of degrees and certificates for undergraduate and graduate students, including B.A. in business technology administration, B.S. in information systems, B.S./M.S., M.S. in information systems (also online), M.S. in human-centered computing, Ph.D. in information systems, and Ph.D. in human-centered computing. Through these offerings, our students study the design, implementation, and evaluation of information technologies.

Vision Statement:
Our Vision is to expand our role as global leaders at the intersection of information, technology, and people, by promoting inclusive student-centered teaching, reimagining life-long learning, advancing innovative interdisciplinary research, and championing civic engagement.

Mission Statement:
The mission of UMBC’s Department of Information Systems is to:
• Broaden participation and empower student learning through teaching and mentorship for the development of real world skills in the design and implementation of information technologies.
• Advance fundamental, technical and applied research to support both developers and users of information systems.
• Encourage continuous learning and growth of our UMBC community by fostering innovation and collaboration to build a diverse and modern professional workforce which can adapt to a dynamic environment.
• Promote social justice through civically engaged research, teaching and service.
• Create a positive impact on our local community and the global society.
• Continuously evolve and communicate our unique identity by advancing innovation, inclusion, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Vandana Janeja

Vandana Janeja

Head of School

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Vandana Janeja

Vandana Janeja

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