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“Information is complex, as are the issues, processes, and technologies associated with it. Such a challenging topic requires a wide range of expertise to address it. It was for this reason the Information Institute – the iInstitute – was created.

The iInstitute is a collaborative network which spans numerous departments and faculties at Linnaeus University, ranging from undergraduate to doctoral level programmes.

The iInstitute’s vision is to create a leading regional centre in the information field for education, research, and development. The centre fosters coordination and cooperation between academic specialists at Linnaeus with stakeholders from the region to address current or future informational challenges, arrive at new knowledge and insights, and develop new products and services meaningful for local communities (e.g., the cultural tourism industry). The iInstitute believes that fully preparing the future generations of information professionals demands an education that is practice-driven and exposes them to cross-sectoral innovations.”

iSchool Contacts

Koraljka Golub

Koraljka Golub

Head of iInstitute

Digital Humanities

Koraljka Golub

Marcelo Milrad

Deputy Head of iInstitute

Media Technology

Koraljka Golub

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