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As part of the effort to develop the new frontiers of science, and to reorganize and reintegrate the scientific knowledge accumulated so far, we opened a new graduate school, the Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences in April 2009. The increasing specialization and segmentation of fields of study has resulted in a vast amount of intellectual assets. The school is designed to reorganize these assets to pursue new scientific knowledge and value in an integrated manner, thereby contributing to the solutions of various pressing problems that face today's scientific community and society at large, all while training personnel to acquire the ability to work for this end.
It has three departments. The Department of Kansei Science aims to train highly skilled personnel who can lead in the creation of kansei value from the perspectives of the users, the main beneficiaries of knowledge, and with the correct understanding of human kansei needs. The Department of Automotive Science aims to train specialists to acquire the ability to contribute to the creation of a new automotive society based on an integrated and advanced knowledge of automobiles, state-of-the-art technologies, human needs, and society. And the Department of Library Science aims to train specialists required for the "field of the library" where new knowledge is created and maintained to enable user-oriented information management and provision.

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Emi Ishita

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