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iConference 2022

Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future

University of Texas at Austin, University College Dublin, Kyushu University

Feb. 28 - Mar. 4, 2022

iConference 2022

Total virtual participants: 350

Full Research Papers: 32 (acceptance rate 39%)
Short Research Papers: 29

Posters: 35
Interactive Events (includes workshops and SIEs): 10
Doctoral Colloquium Participants accepted: 18

Early Career Colloquium Participants accepted: 25
Student Symposium Participants accepted: 30

Image by Christian Holzinger

Conference Chairs: Eric Meyer, University of Texas at Austin; Kenneth R. Fleischmann, University of Texas at Austin; Kalpana Shankar, University College Dublin; Amber Cushing, University College Dublin; Yoichi Tomiura, Kyushu University; Emi Ishita, Kyushu University

Full Research Papers Chairs: Kristin Eschenfelder, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lihong "Nick" Zhou, Wuhan University

Short Research Papers Chairs: Mike Twidale, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Henriette Roued-Cunliffe, University of Copenhagen; Makoto Kato, University of Tsukuba

Posters Chairs: Preben Hansen, Stockholm University; Pengyi Zhang, Peking University

Interactive Events Chairs: Virginia Ortíz-Repiso, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Gillian Oliver, Monash University

Doctoral Colloquium Chairs: Mohammad Jarrahi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Ben Cowan, University College Dublin; Atsuyuki Morishima, University of Tsukuba

Early Career Colloquium Chairs: Doug Oard, University of Maryland; António Lucas Soares, University of Porto; Natalie Pang, National University of Singapore

Student Symposium Chairs: Colin Rhinesmith, Simmons University; Koraljika Golub, Linnaeus University; Di Wang, Wuhan University

iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award Chair: Gillian Oliver, Monash University

Proceedings Chair: Malte Smits, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Social Activities Chair: Ulrike Liebner, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Shaobo Liang, Wuhan University; Rachel Fallon

Volunteers: Nishad Thalhath, University of Tsukuba; Martina Boyle, University College Dublin; Tokinori Suzuki, Kyushu University

Program Committee

The Organizing Committee was responsible for the program.

Image by Jason Leung
Sponsors & Partners

Springer, Elsevier, SCOOCS, Conftool, alise, asis&t


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