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Information explosion has caused great changes in the field of study. This is attributed to the rapid growth of computer science to actively respond to the information society and science, which is attempting to interpret and assign new values to information. It can be said that the ultimate goal of library and information science is to develop a processing method to provide users with the most rapidly and accurately optimal information for the exponentially increasing variety of information.

In response to these demands, library and information science, which was renewed in the early 1960s, differs from the research methodology of traditional library science, with a purely scientific aspect that mainly pursues general principles on the generation, nature, behavior, and distribution of information; It can be said that it is a discipline that includes both applied science aspects related to the design and operation of an effective and efficient information distribution system.

Specifically, the characteristics of the information society, the research subject of library and information science is the distribution of scientific information through scientific literature and informal communication of scientific groups. As a methodology to scientifically investigate this phenomenon, library and information science has researched and developed a methodology called Bibliometrics or Science-metrics.

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