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Submit a News Story

All iSchools member-institutions are welcome to provide news stories for publication on our iSchools News webpage, to be viewed by our followers worldwide. Where appropriate, we may also promote these announcements in social media, including the iSchools Twitter and iSchools Facebook accounts.

All news stories are expected to be of general interest to the greater information community. News submissions must include a link to a corresponding story on your school’s website (a generic link to your school’s home page is not sufficient); this link will be used for fact-checking, and to provide readers a means of getting more information.

To accommodate our broad membership we aim for a balance in our news section. If you submit multiple simultaneous posts, they will be parsed out over time so as to avoid having one school’s news dominate the department at any given time. 

For iSchools members this is a free service as part of the membership benefits.

To submit a news story, please fill out our form:

Submit a News Story

To give you the most design freedom for your news story (formatting, images, etc.), please submit a .docx document or a PDF containing your news story.

Upload File

Thank you! We will contact you about posting your news story.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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