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Tsukuba iSchool is rooted from one of the oldest library schools in the world, which was founded in 1926. The school has long been leading the iSchool movement in the Asia Pacific region since the 1990s. Nowadays, our program is among the largest iSchools in the world, bringing together faculty members with diverse specialties related to information. All the faculty, students, and staff members share a vision of diversity and interdisciplinary research. University of Tsukuba is one of Japan's oldest and most respected universities, which produced Nobel prize laureates and Olympians. The university is located in Tsukuba Science City, which is the largest science city in Japan, less than an hour by train ride from central Tokyo.

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Atsushi Toshimori

Atsushi Toshimori

Head of School

Behavioral Modeling

Atsushi Toshimori

Atsuyuki Morishima

Associate Dean

Human-in-the-Loop Data Systems

Atsushi Toshimori