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Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies

University of Ljubljana
University of Ljubljana



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The Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in librarianship, information science, and publishing. Our department combines traditional library science with contemporary shifts in the information society and various information services. Students at the bachelor's and master's levels can pursue single or combined courses of study, while our doctoral program in Information Science is part of an interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum. This program includes both full-time doctoral students funded by the national “young researcher scheme” and part-time students who work full time while pursuing their doctorates. Supported by the Slovenian Research Agency, our core research programme, “Modelling of Bibliographic Information Systems,” integrates diverse areas such as bibliographic information modelling, metadata research, information behaviour and use, user experience, reading habits, and gamification. Additionally, we collaborate on Erasmus+ and bilateral projects, enhancing our research and international collaborations.

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Tanja Merčun Kariž

Tanja Merčun Kariž


User Experience

Tanja Merčun Kariž

Polona Vilar

Head of School

Information behaviour, Information literacy and related literacies

Tanja Merčun Kariž

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