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ALGORITMI Center School of Engineering

Universidade do Minho
Universidade do Minho



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Centro ALGORITMI is a research unit of the School of Engineering – University of Minho, that develops R&D activity in Information and Communications Technology and Electronics (ICT&E), spreading into six major fields:
(1) Computer Science and Technology (CST),
(2) Information Systems and Technology (IST)
(3) Computer Communications and Pervasive Media (CCPM)
(4) Industrial Electronics (IE)
(5) Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM)
(6) Systems Engineering and Operational Research (SEOR)

The majority of PhD-level researchers of the Center are also Faculty members of four departments of the School of Engineering, namely: Industrial Electronics (DEI), Information Systems (DSI), Industrial Engineering & Management (DPS), Informatics (DI). Furthermore, the MSc and PhD projects supervised by those Faculty members are developed at ALGORITMI. ALGORITMI Research Center focuses its activity on projects that explore a strong link with the community, namely, the industry and the public administration. The University of Minho is located in an industrialized region with an important expression on textile and footwear industries and an emerging field on ICT services enterprises, pushed by the e-phenomena age. The automotive industrial field also gained recently an important share of the regional market. Another external factor that influences our target field of application is the growth of the cities in the region, which introduces several demands for the co-operation of researchers, namely in the field of logistics, communication, e-government, health and resource management. The results of this policy are stated by the number of applied research projects in cooperation with companies (funded by ANI and QREN) and by specific national projects, namely POSI, POCTI and POE programmes.

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José Machado

José Machado

Head of School


José Machado

José Machado

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