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State University of New York at Buffalo

Department of Information Science

State University of New York at Buffalo
State University of New York at Buffalo

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Established in 1966, the Department of Information Science programs invite learners to explore the nature of information and its use, the conceptual foundations of information organization, the information needs of diverse people in a range of contexts, sources of information to meet these requirements, and the cutting edge technology to store and retrieve information, all in the context of the traditional values of librarianship, including intellectual freedom and equity of information access.
Learn from world-class faculty. Conduct world-changing research. Prepare for a more fulfilling career. At UB, our flexible, nationally accredited programs make it easier for you to achieve your professional goals.
The Department of Information Science takes the student experience and the success of our alumni seriously. We regularly survey to assess the effectiveness of our programs and student services.
The University at Buffalo provides a variety of information and central technology services to support students in academic work in the Graduate School of Education.

iSchool Contacts

Dan Albertson

Dan Albertson

Head of School

Information Science

Dan Albertson

Dan Albertson

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