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The department pays attention to the improvement of teaching quality. In recent years, it has won the National Excellent Course Award and the National Excellent Textbook Award. Emphasis on teaching network, courseware multimedia, data digitization. We have been controlling the number of enrollments and pursuing high-level teaching quality. We focus on the combination of theory and practice, as well as cultural courses and professional courses.

Students have a solid knowledge base and have good development potential. At the undergraduate level, we follow the school's sixteen-character policy of "strengthening the foundation, diluting majors, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and diverting training" to cultivate students' innovative consciousness. At the master's level, it focuses on the combination of theory and practice, and focuses on cultivating professional application talents with leadership and innovation ability. At the doctoral level, it focuses on the cultivation of theoretical literacy and the cultivation of specialized talents who can independently engage in innovative research.

The department pays attention to openness and international cooperation and expands academic exchanges with colleagues at home and abroad. Every year, it selects teachers who go abroad for further study or lectures, selects doctoral students to study in foreign universities, and invites scholars from home and abroad to give lectures, speeches, or academic cooperation

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Jiuzhen Zhang

Jiuzhen Zhang

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Jiuzhen Zhang

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Jiuzhen Zhang

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