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We are the only dedicated IT faculty out of the prestigious Group of Eight. So, you can be sure that technology is everything we do. Guided by our ethos 'IT for social good', we are also active champions of equity, diversity and inclusion, and constantly seeking new ways to support Indigenous Australians.
Through our cross-cutting themes, three departments and a range of centers, institutes, and labs, we are empowered to make a lasting impact across many areas. A leading faculty, we are known for excellence and innovation in both IT research and education.
All our interactions and activities are driven by an important purpose and underpinned by a set of shared values. At Monash IT, we envisage a world where equality is not a goal to achieve but a norm to celebrate. We work in partnership and consultation with Indigenous Elders, organizations, and communities on a range of empowering initiatives.
Our staff members are the heart of our faculty. Their diverse expertise, perspectives and backgrounds make us more aware and equipped to address the challenges in our world.

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Gillian Oliver

Gillian Oliver

Chair Elect

Information Management

Gillian Oliver

Gillian Oliver

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