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The Ewha Womans University iSchool offers a bachelor's program, two tracks of master's programs(Library and Information Science and Archives and Records Management), and a doctoral program. Ewha iSchool has played a leading role in initiating and developing LIS education and research in South Korea and has striven to make changes and constant improvements in the curriculum and teaching standards since its inception. The latest revision of the curriculum provides a new track in data analytics, which enables our students to develop not only computational and statistical skills, but also a deeper understanding of data produced during the interaction of people and technology in diverse socio-technical environments. Drawing on its strength in education and research, Ewha iSchool has always pursued the contribution of information science to society, which is to take a broader perspective of information phenomena and apply it in innovative ways to solve information-related problems.

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EunKyung Chung

EunKyung Chung


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EunKyung Chung

EunKyung Chung