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Information can change the world. So can you. Become a leader in the field of information and library science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) is a top-ranked information school. We value universal access, collaboration, intellectual freedom, self-directed learning, organization, and stewardship. Information is our focus and our passion. We study and value a diverse array of information theories and practices, with particular emphasis on how information is created, shared, managed, and how it affects the human condition. You’ll learn to consider information in a variety of contexts, such as libraries and archives; institutions of government and commerce; and industries such as health, energy, and finance. We aim to educate leaders who will shape the future of information in all contexts and to investigate and develop information theories and practices that lead the world to higher levels of prosperity, equity, and understanding. Our world-class faculty pride themselves on providing high-quality educational and research opportunities in a dynamic, interdisciplinary learning environment. We are committed to cultivating an academic environment that is open, representative, and equitable to all. We hope you’ll consider joining our supportive and welcoming community.

Master's Programs

Master of Science in Library Science

  • on campus

Master of Science in Information Science

  • on campus

Master of Professional Science in Digital Curation and Management

  • on campus

Master of Professional Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics

  • on campus

PhD Programs

PhD in Information and Library Sciences

  • on campus

PhD in Health Informatics

  • on campus

Other Programs

Certificate in Applied Data Science

  • online

Content Areas

Archives, Preservation, and Special Collections, Digital Humanities, Health Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Youth Services

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Lori Haight, Director of Student Services


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