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Image by Taylor Grote

Black Coalition

The purpose of the Black Coalition is to connect and support Black information researchers and professionals (in the iSchools organisation). We aim to build a coalition formed and directed by Black information professionals’ needs and interests.

We currently host Open Sessions monthly online. Further details about the Coalition will be released in the coming months.

Black Coalition Officers

Social Justice Design:
Actionable Strategies for Conducting Critical Research in LIS

Black Coalition Panel Discussion at iConference 2023

Available for 180 days - passcode: db?#eU5X

Meet the Officers

Nenna Orie Chuku

Black Coalition Co-Chair

University College London

United Kingdom

Lionel Robert

Black Coalition Co-Chair

University of Michigan

United States of America

Rebecca Stallworth

Black Coalition Co-Chair

Simmons University

United States of America

Charles Senteio

Black Coalition Co-Chair


United States of America

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