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Research & Supervision

The Section for Research and Supervision will focus on building research capacity and stimulating research connections and collaboration in joined projects on topics of mutual interest for the iSchools European Region and the wider iSchools Organisation.

Virtual webinars will be used for:

  • Strengthening the capacity and connections of established researchers and supervisors

  • Introducing early career researchers to the possibilities to build connections and to establish communities of practice

  • Explore methods of research and capacity building of value to the Region and iSchool community

Key topics of interest for 2022 – 2023 include the following; for each the emphasis would be on opportunities, examples and establishing connections for collaboration:

  • Post-colonialism research

  • Representing under-presented voices in information services (libraries, archives, museums and adjunct services) e.g. collection building, services for users with disabilities

  • Autoethnography, reflexivity, journaling and other personal methods of research and capacity building

27 October 2022 (13:00 – 14:00 Berlin time; 7:00 – 8:00 am Pittsburgh time)

  • Identify countries, member institutions, staff who would be interested in joint projects (i.e., staff holding doctoral degrees and with capacity and interest), subject expertise

    • Spreadsheet; Google sheet

  • Identification of funding bodies

  • Interest in contributing to a Zoom meeting on an identified topic (i.e., Post-colonialism research, representing under-presented voices in information services, personal methods of research and capacity building (e.g. Autoethnography, reflexivity, journaling))

    • 90 – 120 minutes

    • Led by an invited speaker on the topic

    • 5-minute virtual poster type (or related e.g. PowerPoint) presentations of examples of such research

    • Generation of ideas on topics; prior suggestions would be useful

      • Determining 1st steps e.g. literature reviews including scoping literature reviews, systematic reviews, critical interpretative synthesis (CIS)

  • Interest in contributing to a Zoom meeting on early career capacity building (including masters and doctoral students who might be interested in building an academic / researcher career)

    • 60 – 90 minutes

    • Led by an invited speaker on the topic

    • “Brain storming” methods for making research connections in a virtual world (e.g. like speed dating)

    • Can include a project on perceptions of early career researchers on making professional connections

    • Can include a project on established researchers experiences on making and maintaining professional connections and collaborators/collaborations

Meet the Officers

Ina Fourie

Research & Supervision

University of Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa

Tobias Blanke

Research & Supervision

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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