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Course Instructor - Programming in Practice

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Application Deadline: November 17, 2022

This subject starts from an initial level of programming and introduces concepts related to formal specification, recursion, computational complexity and the rational use of memory. At a practical level, it is programmed in the C language, with special attention to dynamic memory management, the use of pointers and modularity.

In an online learning environment, course instructors present, guide, plan, stimulate, focus, motivate, assess and tie together students' learning processes, with a proactive approach. It is the course instructor's job to provide teaching assistance to students (individually and collectively), monitoring their learning over the semester and proposing improvements to the course. Course instructors must settle doubts, offer examples and additional explanations that make it easier for the student to understand the subject matter, stimulate debate, encourage participation in forums, correct assessment tests, provide feedback to help students' learning processes, etc. In addition to these basic functions, those contracted as course instructors may perform other activities related with the preparation of learning resources.


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