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iConference 2006

Research Frontiers in Information

University of Michigan, School of Information

Oct. 15 - 17, 2006

iConference 2006

Total Registered Participants: 317 (184 faculty/staff; 133 student)

Pre-Conference Sessions: 2 Conference Sessions: 11

Image by Christian Holzinger

Hosting Deans: C. Olivia Frost (post June 1); John L. King (pre June 1)
Conference Chair: Thomas Finholt
Program Chair: Gary M. Olson
Doctoral Colloquium: Judith S. Olson; Kevin Crowston; Gloria Mark
Registration/Publicity: Frank DeSanto; Jay Jackson
: Shelley MacMillan
Local Arrangements: Barbara Smith
Campus Tours: Andrea Wiggins; Anatole Senkevitch, Jr.
Conference Management: U-M Conference Management Services
iSchool Insight Award Tile: Motawi Tileworks

Program Committee

The Organizing Committee was responsible for the program.

Image by Jason Leung
Sponsors & Partners

Dell Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., The iSchools Project


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States of America

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