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As a capital city business school, Wellington School of Business and Government is embedded in the heart of New Zealand’s centre of digital innovation, entrepreneurship, policymaking, and creativity. From this location, we create an educational environment that allows students to consider economic issues from commercial, government, and social impact perspectives.

We take pride in developing leaders who understand that organisational success requires a holistic view, including financial, environmental, and social sustainability. We capitalise on our location and expertise to create meaningful connections with the corporations, not-for-profit organisations, and government agencies around us.

Our unique position has allowed us to develop the capabilities needed to conduct innovative, world-leading research that finds solutions to intractable problems, supports the development of new businesses, guides innovations in government, and builds capability in civil society. Our students reap the benefits of these close engagements through real-world projects, internships, special guest lectures from industry professionals, and rich professional networking opportunities.

We are also leaders in the way we teach. At Wellington School of Business and Government we combine rigorous academic training with application-based learning, a combination that allows students to develop both sound conceptual skills and strong professional behaviours that are critical to their performance in the workplace.

At Wellington School of Business and Government we are proud to have a range of innovative partnerships with the entrepreneurship community in Wellington through business incubators such as Creative HQ, as well as with a number of technology companies. In 2019, we opened The Atom Innovation Space. The Atom provides a base for students to start their entrepreneurial journeys and to get advice and support from entrepreneurs who have done it all before.

Our strong relationship with New Zealand central government is exemplified by the spectrum of government departments and agencies engaging with our Professorial Chairs. We also have a range of partnerships with universities, government agencies, and corporations across the Asia–Pacific region, creating a diverse and exciting study body.

All of these factors have created a group of graduates who are second to none and succeed at the highest level in all walks of life—in New Zealand and internationally.

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