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University of Pretoria

School of Information Technology

University of Pretoria
University of Pretoria

South Africa


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The School of Information Technology (SIT) is unique and the first of its kind in South Africa where students have the advantage of an integrated approach to information technology (IT) with study programmes and modern laboratories in Computer Science, Informatics and Information Science. All the degree offerings in the SIT are highly sought after in the IT industry with a focus on industry-related trends. The curriculum conforms to the highest international standards and provides breadth and depth in computing skills; equips students with problem-solving abilities; and gives them a foundation for continued learning in an IT career and for producing high-quality software.

We are very proud to be a member of the iSchools Organization.

iSchool Contacts

Ina Fourie

Ina Fourie

Head of School

Information Behaviour

Ina Fourie

Hein Venter

Head of Department

Digital Forensic Science, Cybersecurity

Ina Fourie

Riana Steyn


Management Systems & Technology

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