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The School of Information Management (SIM) in Wuhan University is the earliest, largest and strongest teaching and research institution in the field of library and information management in China. SIM is committed to develop interdisciplinary talents and professional leaders in information management. As a key school supported by the National "985 Project" and "211 Project", SIM has been consistently ranked the first in the field.

The predecessor of SIM was the Books Division of Boone University at Wuchang, which was established in 1920 and became an independent specialty school, namely, the Boone Library School at Wuchang in 1929. In 1953, the school merged into Wuhan University and became the Department of Library Science of Wuhan University. In 1984, it was approved by the original Ministry of Education of China (MOE) to be renamed as the School of Library and Information Science of Wuhan University. In 2001, its name changed to the School of Information Management of Wuhan University.

In the development for more than 90 years, SIM believes that "Pioneering Creation, Pragmatic Entrepreneurship, and Leading Innovation" should be the notion for teaching. Several research areas in SIM are in the leading positions in China. Especially, “The library, Information, and Archives Management”, as a primary subject, has been identified as the key primary subject in Curriculum Assessments organized by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

SIM consists of five departments, namely, Department of Library Science, Department of Information Management Science, Department of Archives and Government Information, Department of Publishing Science, and Department of Electronic Commerce. Additionally, SIM has six bachelor degree programs (Library Science, Information Management and Information Systems, Archival Science, Editing and Publishing Science, Electronic Commerce, and Digital publishing); eight doctoral and master‘s degree-awarding subjects (Library Science, Information Science, Archival Science, Information Resources Management, Ancient Books Collection and Protection, Publishing and Distribution Science, Management Science and Engineering, E-Commerce), two doctoral degree programs as primary subjects (Library, Information and Archives Management; and Management Science and Engineering), two postdoctoral research stations, and four professional master’s degree granting subjects (Library & Information, Publishing, Engineering, Engineering Management). Now, SIM has an enrollment of more than 1000 undergraduate students, 257 Academic Masters Program students, 1000 Professional Masters Program students, 180 Doctoral candidates, and 3000 students in distance education, continuing education and other types of professional training programs.

SIM has an outstanding faculty team, including 34 professors, 32 associate professors and senior-position researchers, among whom there are 44 kinds of high-level talent. The teaching group of core curriculum of library and information science is identified as the state level teaching group by MOE. 7 courses in SIM have been ranked as National Quality Courses by the MOE, one major as National Special Major, and two as Hubei’s Brand Subject.

SIM is the only one in China qualified to build the MOE key social science research base--the Center for the Studies of Information Resources of Wuhan University. Besides, SIM has the “985 Project” philosophy and social science innovative research base named Information Resource Research and Innovation Base and the “211 Project” key discipline construction project. In 2000, SIM set up the National Information Resources Research (Wuhan) Base approved by former Ministry of Information Industry. In 2006, SIM found Advanced Publishing Professional Training Center sponsored by the former General Administration of Press and Publication of China and Wuhan University. SIM also has many interdisciplinary-collaborative research institutions, such as Scientific Evaluation Research Center of Wuhan University, Library and Information Science Research Institute, and Electronic Commerce Research and Development Center of Wuhan University. SIM has first-class lab facilities and LIS branch library to ensure the teaching qualities. The LIS Experimental Teaching Center of Wuhan University has been approved as a National Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching. The Reference Room as well as the Lab Library at SIM have the richest professional collections both in Chinese and foreign languages in China, about 160,000 books.

SIM has a reputable teaching quality. Its students have won the prizes at “The Challenge Cup”, “E-commerce Contest” and “The Future Editors Cup” in China. SIM students have wide employment prospects and are in great needs from the market.

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