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Our main scope is to train professionals who can analyze, comment, and inform current facts, stimulating and promoting the democratic debate of themes that emerge from public needs, thus contributing to the political, social, economic, and cultural development of the nation.
The respective curricular structures seek to balance theory and practice within educational parameters that lead the student to improve and acquire indispensable skills and competences from an ethical and technical point of view.
In the last 20 years, the Journalism course was among the five most sought-after courses at USP in terms of candidate/place. Publishing students have early professionalization and work in the most important companies in the area during the course. All are encouraged to exchange with foreign universities. On the other hand, the Department welcomes, annually, many students coming from Europe.
Professors are among the most influential professors in the academic environment of their areas. They manage consolidated laboratory projects and are affiliated to research groups and centers with production recognized by Brazilian funding agencies and the academic world.

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Brasilina Passarelli

Brasilina Passarelli

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Brasilina Passarelli

Brasilina Passarelli