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Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship (IISL)

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With a tradition of more than sixty-years, the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship is the oldest academic institution in the field of information studies and librarianship in the Czech Republic. The concept of information science study and research at IISL includes three main areas:
- research issues of book culture and book reception from the Middle Ages to the present, quantitative and qualitative aspects of book production, and preservation of historical book collections and access to documents.
- issues of research on information communication in society, communication of scientific information and research data, information behaviour including information needs, information seeking, user interaction with systems and user interfaces, social, ethical, and cultural aspects of information communication.
- and new media issues including research on video games, digital technologies for education, social networks, and collaborative information systems in a global environment of digital networks.

iSchool Contacts

Adéla Jarolimkova

Adéla Jarolimkova

Head of School

Information Behaviour

Adéla Jarolimkova

Helena Lipková


Information behaviour

Adéla Jarolimkova

Josef Šlerka


New media

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