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Department of Information Science

Bar-Ilan University
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The Department of Information Science educates students to serve as information professionals, knowledge managers and to hold leadership positions in libraries and information centers, hi-tech companies, public institutions and in the information industry.
In addition, the department is dedicated to the advancement of research in all areas of information science: information retrieval, database applications, information organization, organizational knowledge management, virtual environments, Internet research, social information, info-ethics and information behavior.
The primary goals of the department are to provide the students:
• A thorough understanding of the essence of information and its role in society.
• Expertise in information and communication technologies (ICTs).
• Ability to analyze information structures, to develop strategies and management systems for accessing, storing, organizing, and disseminating information.
• Capability to react to information needs of individuals and groups.
• Research skills.

iSchool Contacts

Jenny Bronstein

Jenny Bronstein

Head of School

Information Behavior

Jenny Bronstein

Jenny Bronstein

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