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Industry Partnership

The European iSchools do not just aim at pushing the academic boundaries in information science but have a keen interest in knowledge transfer activities that demonstrate the impact that research and training within our iSchools have in practical industry use cases and society as a whole.


We have a long track record of successful collaboration with industry at individual iSchool level. We are now starting to join forces across institutions to strengthen this line of activity further. We would be delighted to hear from new industry partners. The collaboration can range from organised events such as industry days over student placements to joint research projects.


Our biggest asset for such collaboration are our large cohorts of dedicated students at Bachelor, Master and PhD level who are keen to apply their expertise to practical applications. Feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

Meet the Officers

Udo Kruschwitz

Industry Partnerships

University of Regensburg

Regensburg, Germany

Marcelo Milrad

Industry Partnerships

Linnaeus University

Växjö, Sweden

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