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A new Issue of Information and Culture is now Available: Read the Latest Research and Book Reviews!

Impacts of Technology Adoption on Various Users in a Digital Era

University of Texas at Austin, School of Information

Information & Culture August 2023 issue includes articles and book reviews relevant to information scholars. Check out their current and previous issues to learn more.

Research Articles

Book Reviews

About the journal: Information & Culture is an academic journal publishing scholarly work related to the social and cultural context of information in our world. While the journal has undergone name changes and grown in scope in recent years, it has a published continuously for more than 50 years. Established in 1966 as The Journal of Library History, the original incarnation of this academic journal was edited and published at Florida State University until 1976. At that time, the journal's editorship moved to The University of Texas at Austin. In 1988, the title was changed to Libraries & Culture, and changed again to Libraries & the Cultural Record in 2006. In 2012 the journal assumed its present title, Information & Culture.


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