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The permanent challenge of the Department of Information Sciences is the improvement of study programs that, by focusing on recent technologies, interdisciplinary research, and new scientific disciplines, will respond to the demands of the times in which we live. Our contemporary environment is increasingly called the era of the information society. Scientific research and teaching work at the Department is primarily aimed at encouraging interdisciplinary research related to the phenomenon of that society.
Perhaps even more important, among our fundamental tasks is the assessment and improvement of the quality of human life, whereby special attention is paid to the role of information experts in promoting all kinds of literacy, cultivating habits of critical reading, ensuring access to relevant information and generally building a society in which the possibilities of information technology will enrich both business and citizens' free time.
Our goal is quality information literacy of citizens. The Department of Information Sciences is not in the service of the information society. He questions that society, critically evaluates it, and seeks and offers guidelines that will help its development and improvement. The department insists on high ethical principles related to the transfer of knowledge and information.

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Sanjica Faletar

Sanjica Faletar