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The School of Business and Management of Jilin University has built a complete system of disciplines and subjects with unique characteristics that are in line with the needs of social and economic development. The school has four post-doctoral research stations and four doctoral programs, i.e., Business Administration, Applied Economics, Library Information & Archives Management, and Management Science & Engineering.
It offers 9 academic master’s degree programs (Accounting, Business Management, Technology Economy and Management, Management Science & Engineering, Finance, Quantitative Economics, Library Science (LS), Information Science(IS) and Archival Science(AS) , in addition, there’re four professional master’s degree programs (MBA, MF, MLIS, and MEM).
The AS has been rated as national first-class undergraduate program, and the Big Data Management & Application has been rated as Jilin provincial first-class undergraduate program.
Jilin University is among the first 6 universities in China that confer doctoral degrees in LS, IS & AS (the first-level discipline). It is also the only university in Northeastern China authorized to confer doctoral degrees in Library Information and Archives Management (the first-level disciplines).
The school has also established an MBA education center and an Executive Development Programs base to cater for diverse educational needs. The school has been endeavoring to cultivate highly intellectual students and personnel, improve teaching resources and management, and foster student development.

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Yingtong Guo

Yingtong Guo

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Consumption and growth theories

Yingtong Guo

Jun Deng


Archival theory

Yingtong Guo

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